The Israeli army is shooting medics—you can help!

Since March 30th, for more than four months, Palestinians have been peacefully protesting along the fence besieging Gaza in the Great March of Return, demanding their right to return to the homes and lands from which their families were expelled 70 years ago.

This call for freedom has come at a great cost. Since the protests began, at least 166 Palestinians have been murdered by Israeli forces, and over 18,000 injured—more than 5,000 by live fire. (updated: 22.08.2019) This includes children, journalists and clearly marked medics.

Just recently, three clearly marked medics have been shot and killed:

  • Razan Al-Najjar was shot in the back while caring for wounded on June 1st 2018
  • Abdallah al-Qatati was shot while on medical duty on August 10th 2018
  • Mousa Abu Hassanein was shot while giving first aid on May 14th 2018

All were wearing medical team vests clearly distinguishing them.

Please share this information! You can:

  • Print out the attached posters and hang them everywhere.
  • Start a conversation at work or with friends.
  • Send the posters and information to press outlets.
  • Share this on social media with the hashtags: #GreatReturnMarch #NotATarget

Help keep the human rights and freedom of Palestinians, and the right to return in the spotlight—and help us in spreading the word.

Inspired by writings from the Great Return March Facebook page and the call to action from Gaza.

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